Tenant retention Program– How To Retain Tenants

Published: 01st June 2010
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Are you a property owner? Are you baffled by how tenants never stay long enough and are always jumping from one property to another? Well, not any more. Through Resident Rewards and its unique tenant retention program, you can make your tenants stay longer and also decrease your marketing costs through increased referrals. It is a leading resident retaining service provider in the United States which offers a free and easy way to attract and retain residents. This is done by providing residents an online resident retention program that provides accumulated savings for the tenants who stay on. Online resident rewards accrue with every on-time rent payment or by referring a friend or colleague that becomes a resident.

Residents can redeem their points for an array of free products and services. The prizes range from $25 gift cards to their favorite restaurant all the way up to a free 3-day cruise. The more referrals for the property, bigger the residential rewards, to easily motivate residents to stay on longer.

Move-out costs are at an all time high of $4,500. Also, over 60% of all tenant turnovers are controllable. Which is why, you need an effective online resident program or an attractive tenant retention program that offers enticing online resident rewards to tenants, so that you don't lose out on thousands of dollars.

Resident Rewards recognizes this fact and offers a free resident retention program to apartment communities nationwide. They help to increase occupancy rate and period through attractive discounts, online resident rewards and other benefits offered by various restaurants, hotels and other sponsors, through online resident program for tenant retention.

So if you are a property owner constantly on the lookout for tenants since the older ones don't stay very long, look no further! Resident Rewards is the solution to all your tenant retention problems, with benefits such as reduced marketing costs due to increased referrals and appealing online resident rewards that can be accessed on a click of a button from the property owner's website, along with other tenant rewards by way of tenant retention programs, so that your property's residents are more satisfied and stay on longer and you derive better profits.

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